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  • statistics

    • Statistics resources at the University of Zurich
    • Scripts for my part of a seminar on experimental design and data analysis at the University of Zurich.
      • A compact introduction to statistics and non-parametric testing as well as notes on robust regression, non-parametric regression, logistic regression, nonlinear regression, some exercises and a list of references (ready for double sided printing).
      • A more detailed version of the introduction with examples from applied ethology.
      • a more detailed version of the logistic regression with examples from pharmacology.
      • some short notes on survival analysis

    • Some notes and illustrations of using linear models in (behavioural) biology.

    • A note on the graphical analysis of residuals (the check for the assumptions in linear models).

    • Slides from a talk which gives a broad overview on statistical methods that I gave during a course of the Ala (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Vogelkunde und Vogelschutz)

  • graphics

    Graphical display of quantitative data: How to display quantitative data in an honest and informativ way. All you basically need to know and on which you can build your ideas you can find in: Edward R. Tufte (1999) The visual display of quantitative data. Graphics Press, Cheshire. 17th printing ... and of course a flexible and fully customisable plotting tool such as R

  • unpublished manuscripts

    (see also publication list on personal page)

    • Social Aspects of Sleep Cluster Formation and Sleep Behaviour in a Mixed Group of Longtailed Macaques: sleep.pdf (ready for double sided printing).

    • Time and 'home-range' borders in individual-based artificial-world modelling: tiho.pdf.

  • PhD: Group size of delphinoidea

    This section provides information from my PhD Group Size and Behavioural Ecology in the Superfamily Delphinoidea (Delphinidae, Phocoenidae, Monodontidae), 2000, University of Zurich, complementing the following publications:

    • Gygax, L. (2002) Evolution of group size in the dolphinis and porpoises: Interspecific consistency of intraspecific patterns. Behavioural Ecology, 13(5): 583--590.
    • Gygax, L. (2002) Evolution of group size in the superfamily Delphinoidea (Delphinidae, Phocoenidae and Monodontidae): a quantitative comparative analysis. Mammal Review, 32(4): 295-314.

    You can download the following information. There are pure ascii (.txt) and pdf files. Some of the pdf files are ready for double sided printing.

    Information on the database
    • A detailed description of the variables in the database, univariate summaries of the variables, a list of references sorted by species and the full list of references: overview981113.pdf.
    • A table which describes in detail what data was taken from which reference (including the full list of references): det981113.pdf.
    • The database: dat981113.txt.
    • Syntax to read the database into S-plus or R and a list of the variable names in the database and their meaning: vars981113.txt.

    Complementary material
    • Summary, general introduction and general conclusions: zsfsng.pdf from the PhD.
    • Details and 'history' of the statistical evaluations stadeta.pdf.
    • Manuscript based on a further chapter of the PhD: Niche separation and niche overlap in the Delphinoidea (Delphinidae, Phocoenidae and Monodontidae): niche.pdf.
    • Two short manuscripts on:
      • Correlation of Surface Behaviour in Norwegian Killer Whales (Orcinus orca): surbeh.pdf.
      • Using Group Composition as a Predictor of Feeding and Travelling Bout Lengths in Norwegian Killer Whales (Orcinus orca): behpre.pdf.